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Model: ALP2301 (Intelligent flameproof positioner 4-20mA control with 4-20mA feedback)

1. Main technical indicators

1. Input signal range: 4~20mA; split range 4~12mA, 12~20mA.

2. Range of feedback signal: 4~20mA; split range 4~12mA, 12~20mA.

3. Equivalent resistance: 425Ω (625Ω; HART protocol type)

4. Control precision: 0.5%

5. Linearity: 1%

6. Sensitivity: self-adaptive; or artificially set during this period from 0. 1% to 5%

7. Air supply pressure range: 0.14~0.55MPa

8. Air consumption: static air consumption ≤60NL/h; dynamic non-assessment

9. Environmental conditions: temperature -25~+60℃; humidity ≤90%

10. Vibration resistance: ≤2g (5~200HZ)

11. Protection level: IP65

12. Storage conditions: temperature -40~+85℃; humidity ≤95%

two. Programmable parameters

1. Input the starting point range: 4~12mA

2. Input the end point range: 12~20mA

3. Input signal: direction can be changed

4. Output signal: direction can be changed

5. Shut-off limit: starting point 0~10%

End point 90%~110%

6. Travel adjustment: starting point 0~30%

End point 70%~100%

7. Travel time: 0~200S

8. Output characteristics: linear, 1:25, 1:50 optional

9. Tolerance band: 0.1%~10% adjustable

10.PID parameter: adjustable

This product must be used with an explosion-proof locking joint certified by an explosion-proof inspection agency to form an explosion-proof and explosion-proof system. The product and field wiring should be shielded cables with a cross-section> 0.5mm2, and the shielding layer must be grounded. The cable should be connected to the positioner through an explosion-proof tube. When the positioner is energized (loading signal), it is strictly forbidden to open the junction box cover and the window cover. The user is not allowed to change the electrical components in the product at will.

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